Monument Valley PHOTO TOUR


  • Early Sept (exact dates to be determine by summer)



  • - Full day VIP shoot: $1599.00
  • - BFF SHOOT: Share a full day shoot with a friend $999 each
  • - 2 day shoot: $2,100


  • - Hair & Makeup (retouches throughout shoot)
  • - Photography & direction
  • - Assistance & styling
  • - Some wardrobe & accessories provided
  • - Transportation to/from the airport*
  • - Accommodations in spacious rental house*
  • - Viewing of proofs with photographer throughout shoot
  • - Online gallery of your proofs (password protected)
  • - 20 retouched images (custom-retouched on Photo Shop)
  • - Media networking & magazine submissions (if desired)


Treat yourself to a world class photo shoot in one of the most scenic landscapes on earth, Monument Valley! You DON'T have to be a model to enjoy this opportunity! You can simply do this for yourself! You will have your own individual photo shoot with our photographer & glam team! We will help you every step of the way. The day is catered to you! We supply most of the wardrobe; handmade headdresses and Native American clothing & accessories. You can also choose to do a cowboy or cowgirl look. The sky is limit. Whatever style of dress you prefer, you can't find a more beautiful place for a photo shoot.



We submit interested/qualified models to magazines & media publications. This is a free-service and our way of saying "thank you" for your business. We work with a variety of popular men’s & fitness magazines worldwide. Tired of having a lack-luster Facebook page? Are you ready to get 50-100 picture comments per image? Do you want to greatly improve your online image? We can help! Let us photograph you in ways that will catch-the-attention of all your friends & acquaintances.


1. Where will I fly in for my shoot at Monument Valley?

There are 2 possible airports you may use. This choice greatly depends on your time of travel, so it is best that you discuss these details with Dana or Scott prior to booking your flights.

2. How should I arrange my trip?

We require that you fly in the evening before your shoot, and fly out the night after your shoot. Airport runs are provided in the evenings after 6:30pm. Please discuss all scheduling matters with Dana Hamm.

3. Where will I stay?

We offer clients accommodations at our rental house on the popular Gouldings property. It is conveniently located only a few miles away from our shooting location in Monument Valley, which saves you time and money. However, if you choose different accommodations there are 2 hotels in Monument Valley: Gouldings Lodge and The View.
While staying with us you will have your own private bedroom/bathroom. We welcome you to kick back and make yourself at home. Nightly rate: $190

4. Food?

We do not cover meals / snacks. Please be prepared to pay for your own meals. We've found that everyone has their preferences and distinctive choices when it comes to food, so we will gladly take you to the grocery store so that you can purchase your own things the night of your arrival. You will need to be prepared to pack your own trail lunch in the mornings. In the evenings after the shoot we will agree on a restaurant for dinner.

5. What should I bring to wear for my shoot?

For those you with working towards getting published in men’s magazines like Maxim, AT, FHM...LESS IS MORE! These magazines really like to see some curves & skin. It’s our job to keep you looking classy and timeless. We trust that everyone has their own taste & ideas about how they want to dress, but for this type of shoot we bring fitting wardrobe to help you out. You will be in a breathtakingly gorgeous setting – there is no other place on earth like it. We suggest that you bring at least 6-8 outfits for your shoot. Here are some of our theme suggestions:

- Clothing and accessories that are Native American Inspired, western wear, Cowgirl or cowboy inspired clothing. Please check our WESTERN gallery to see what our past clients wore for this shoot. And as always please contact Dana or Scott for additional help.

6. What's a typical full day shoot like?

After a good night’s sleep you will awake around 8am for a lite breakfast and coffee, and then you’re off to hair and make-up with Dana Hamm. Dana will also help you decide what outfits you will be wearing. When we have reached our location Scott will get the camera equipment set-up, while Dana is touching-up your makeup and hair. Once the ICONIC team is ready we will begin your Monument Valley Photo Shoot Extravaganza! Be prepared to smile, laugh, and play to the camera like a star, because this will be one of the best modeling experiences of your life! We will capture you looking sexy and radiant in one of the most breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in the world! Your day will be filled with posing and photography plus frequent mini-breaks for snacks and water. Around 5pm-6pm that evening we will call it a “wrap”. By that time everyone will be getting tired and hungry – we will all be ready for a nice dinner somewhere special.

7. How do I become an Iconic Beauty Images “Tour Leader” and get a free photo shoot?

We’re glad you asked! Obviously, we are a company that does a lot of globe-trotting! And we would not have it any other way. We absolutely love to travel and meet new people. We discover amazing talents everywhere! Want us to come to your hometown? Tell us where you live and let us formulate a plan! Get us 5-6 full day* clients at $1599 and you get a free photo shoot! Do you have a lot of friends? Are you good with people? Talk to your friends and acquaintances about doing a high-end glamour photo shoot. Explain to them who we are and what we do -- ask them to visit our website so they can see our award-winning work.

If this is your dream, chances are there others around you thinking the same thing! Everyone needs impeccable images to represent them no matter what they do. We will help you advertise on Facebook with ads and posts explaining all the details. You are NOT required to handle money or worry about any of the tricky details. All you have to do is direct us to interested clients and we will do the rest! Once we have enough clients on board, we will set-up a location in your hometown and schedule clients for their photo shoots. Contact Dana Hamm for more info DANAHAMMACC@YAHOO.COM.

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