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When you work with Iconic Beauty Images you are treated like family and brought into our elite inner circle clients, friends and fans. Our photo shoots are individualized to meet the needs and desired outcomes of each client. We specialize in high end, custom photography that includes hair, makeup, styling and location. We will be there every step of the way to offer you direction and assistance during your photo shoot. Our goal is to present you with timeless fine art photography that will preserve its value throughout the course of your life.


To put it mildly we are obsessed with image quality. We strive for high end, magazine quality images on each shoot; sharp, vivid and clean with exceptional composition. In fact, many of our photographs are featured in printed publications around the world.
We use Nikon Pro cameras and lenses. We custom build and design our own sun reflectors for outdoor photography sessions. We are committed to investing in and continually upgrading our photography equipment as well as our post production techniques and retouching software.


Are you ready to upgrade your jet-setting status to the next level? Don't settle for a plain studio background when you can pose in front of a national landmark. We boast an impressive list of unique locations for our photo shoot tours including: Key West, Miami, Malibu, Laguana Beach, Monument Valley, Route 66, Las Vegas, Banff, White Sands Desert, Florida Everglades, and more! Whether our location is a sprawling mansion or a 1950's gas station - we're always on the search for the most interesting, beautiful and unique locations available to us.



His clients often refer to him as one of the most talented and hardest-working photographers in the business. From sun up to sun down Scott is committed to capturing the perfect image. With over 20 years experience as set director, photographer and location scout, Schisler hails from Columbus, Ohio.

Strongly diversified in his artistic talents, much of his work is heavily influenced by his passion for scenic landscapes, animals and extraordinary light. His iconic like images combine natural elements with female form and beauty. Schisler's other artistic concentrations include landscape and animal photography.

His vast array of photography featuring models has been published in over 100 magazines and publications worldwide including: Maxim, FHM UK, AT, Playboy, UMM Canada, Interviu Spain, Loaded, Shock, FHM Spain, Muscle & Fitness, GQ, Esquire, Uncle Sam CZ, Max Italy, Muscular Development, Ironman Italy, Muscle RX, Muscle & Fitness Hers, FHM Norway, Zoo, AutoBabes Australia, Ralph, 944, Vogue Spain.

Schisler's diversity as a photographer is something of Leonardo Da Vinci portions. His photographic subjects range from legendary superstars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno to some of the world's most beautiful and interesting women -- all the way over to the other end of the spectrum, which may consist of almost anything, from a domestic cat to the elusive Whitetail Deer.

"Scott is the most patient photographer I've ever worked with. He is so different than most photographers here in LA. He gives me the right amount of direction and encouragement, while still allowing me to do my thing in front of the camera. I feel totally at ease with him and for me that's important, his work is my favorite. He captures me in a way that makes me so proud, and the images are always magazine ready."



Dana Barbour Hamm is co-founder and creative director of Iconic Beauty Images. She is a popular American model best known for her exotic beauty and curvaceous figure. Dana met photographer Scott Schisler and together the power couple launched her career as a fitness model in 2001; her quick rise to success led to numerous magazine covers, pictorials and endorsements. After accomplishing her goals in the world of fitness, Dana progressed to mainstream modeling and acting where she has worked ever since. Her illustrious career exploded into almost every aspect of show business including: magazine model, Guess Jeans, reality TV, film, Chicago Morning Show, The Face of Alexis Vogel Cosmetics, Uncle Sam Clothing & Apparel and more! Her popular images have also been licensed for wall posters, calendars and retail advertisements.

Dana Hamm has been included on a number of 'most beautiful women' and "sexiest women" lists on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Model Mayhem and other various websites. It is widely believed that Dana Hamm's likeness was the mold used to create the award-winning MGA Toys "Bratz Doll Dana".

Now Dana brings all her experiences to Iconic Beauty Images. This company is her passion. She is actively involved with all aspects of the business from bookings and locations to makeup, wardrobe and editing. She is present on every shoot and works closely with Scott and her clients to achieve the best lighting, composition and poses. She maintains a sterling reputation, both on and off the set, as a creative, professional and fun to work with.

In addition to being a successful model and actress, she is also a skilled marketer, makeup artist, stylist and certified expert in Adobe Photo Shop retouching specializing in high end beauty editing. Dana also works closely with a broad range of magazines in the efforts of getting her client's images published. Currently, she is working toward launching her own magazine 'Iconic'.

"When working with Dana it's obvious that she is passionate about helping other women achieve the look, poses and expressions desired for winning shots! She truly loves her job. Her business motto is if her clients look good then she looks good! Her goal is to see all women look and feel their very best while celebrating their own brand of beauty in front of the camera"!

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Dorla Loewer


Dorla Loewer is an assistant photographer and intern with Iconic Beauty Images. She is present on many of our location tours. If you have the pleasure of working with Dorla, you will find her to be one of the friendliest people you've ever met. She hails from New Orleans, LA; her southern charm and down-to-earth persona will have you hooked.

If Dorla is working on your shoot she may be assisting Scott or even taking images of you (the client) directly. Her primary purpose on our photo shoots is to gain 'on location' experience and to sharpen her skills by interning under Scott. If you would like to purchase some of the images that Dorla captures on your shoot feel free to inquire about her photo packages. Dorla's lens perspective and photography style will be a little different than Scott's, so you may find it of value. She also shoots behind-the-scenes and other candid moments from photo shoots. If you are interested in owning some of these images in addition to the images that come with your photo shoot package, just let us know.

To learn more about Dorla Loewer take a moment to read her bio below.

Dorla Loewer"I have been married for 16 years to my wonderful husband, Craig Loewer. I'm also a stepmom to a great son whom I love! My passion for photography began after I received my first film camera for a graduation present 30 yrs. ago. Since that time I have worked hard each year to become the best photographer I can be. I started my own business and opened my studio over 3 years ago, Deelicious Photography, LLC. I studied photography under the very talented Ray Ally who took me under his wing, and gave me my first professional model to shoot in Washington, D.C. At that moment I knew that shooting models was my favorite area of interest and where I wanted to take my own photography business.

In March of 2013 I booked a photo shoot for myself with Iconic Beauty Images, and I met Dana Barbour Hamm and Scott Schisler. They are so professional and fun to work with; I was truly impressed. Ever since that moment I have been blessed to intern under the famous Scott Schisler. He has been teaching me everything about the business. I have been on two tours with Iconic Beauty Images -- Lake Tahoe and Monument Valley. I have truly gotten a taste of the hard, but rewarding work as a location photographer, and I want to continue in this field and learn as much as I can. One of my goals now is to have my work published in a magazine. I take my work very seriously, and I see photography as art, yet I love to have fun while doing it. Nothing like a good laugh to relax my models and get outstanding photos. My motto is Life is to short, so make the most of it. I look forward to working with you."
Dorla Loewer

Photography at IBI


We shoot high-end, custom glamour, beauty and fashion photography. We also work in the sub-genres of fitness, magazine editorial and exotic animal shoots. We work with both experienced professional models and aspiring models as well as everyday women and men. We use Nikon pro-cameras and lenses.



As part of your photo shoot experience with Iconic Beauty Images we provide makeup and hair styling the day of your shoot. We specialize in glamorous Hollywood-style makeovers. Let us enhance your natural beauty with the power of makeup and professional application techniques.

We keep up to date with latest beauty trends so that your photo shoot look is fresh, sexy and classic. We use professional HD foundations from MAC, Cargo and Lorac which are specifically designed for photography. Some of our other favorite makeup brands include: Alexis Vogel, Smashbox, Stila, Makeup Forever, Urban Decay, and Nars.

As they often say "The eyes have it" and we couldn't agree more. Our bombshell makeovers always emphasize the eyes. We adore the look of long lashes and smoky cat eyes with full nude lips. However, almost anything is possible. We follow classic beauty looks as well as edgier looks currently seen on the runway.

Prior to your photo shoot we will discuss the look you most desire for your shoot and work towards it together.

*We would like to say a special "thank you" to following industry leaders for donating their fine products to our company.
1. Alexis Vogel - Hollywood makeup artist & CEO of Alexis Vogel Enterprises. Visit her website
2. Sam Culter - Product Development Director at Smashbox Cosmetics. Visit her website
3. Beth Gray - Director at Sephora 'Easton' in Columbus, OH. Visit her website



We are here to help you every step of the way during your photo shoot experience with Iconic Beauty Images. It's all about being comfortable, relaxed and having fun! Two of the most common concerns we hear from clients are (1) what should I wear on my shoot and (2) I don't know how to pose.

Don't worry it is not necessary to be an experienced model to book a shoot with us and enjoy the thrill of beautiful, high end images. In fact, the majority of our clients are every day people with little to no modeling experience.

Scott and Dana provide clients with gentle guidance and helpful direction throughout the course of their photo shoot. As a result of their careful eye to detail you'll achieve the most flattering poses for your body type as well as the best facial expressions.
Most of our clients will quickly tell you that our shoots are relaxed and there is no pressure. We want you to be comfortable and feel right at home.

Once you have booked your shoot with Iconic Beauty Images we will start talking wardrobe and planning for your upcoming day. It is an exciting time, but we realize you may be a little nervous too. This is to be expected, but don't worry your wardrobe and look for the photo shoot will be discussed in detail weeks before your big day. On the day of your shoot we will help you put together your outfits. We also bring our own selection of wardrobe and accessories in case you need some assistance.



Shooting on location is the practice of arranging a photo shoot in an actual real location instead of working in an indoor studio setting. This is the greatest gift we can offer clients, because there is no substitute for the real thing. Shooting models / clients in the midst of a scenic national landmark or well-known travel destination often delivers powerful images and works of art. This is the same manner in which Hollywood a-listers and top fashion models are photographed, and we often work in the exact locations! It takes a little more preparation and work than a studio shoot, but the final outcome is well worth the extra steps. You may also be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable rates to be a part of something so exclusive. Many of our clients see it as a mini vacation get-a-way with a photo shoot included!


Generally, once-per-month we travel to a new location where we set-up shop for at least one week or more. This schedule allows us to reach potential clients living in various parts of the country, and it also acts as a new beautiful destination that any client, available for travel, may join in on. We advertise these photo shoot tours here on our website as well as on our social media pages.

Our standard annual destinations include: Lake Tahoe, Route 66, Monument Valley, Canada, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Florida and more! Please visit our TOURS page for a closer look at our many destinations.

Please take a moment to visit our photo galleries and pay special attention to the categories: Beach, Behind-the-Scenes, Exotic Locations, and Western to review images from our on location shoots.

Our mission


Our most basic goal is to give clients top-quality, custom images beyond anything they ever expected and for a reasonable rate. We hope that photographs you've done in the past will pale in comparison to the final results you'll see after shooting with Iconic Beauty Images. We aim to deliver classic pieces of fine art photography that stand the test of time. The wow-factor! You will find that we work hard to maintain our sterling reputation of exhibiting a high-level of photography skill and technique that transforms into crisp, vibrant, well-composed images displaying our clients looking their absolute best.

However, our #1 mission is to provide our clients with an unforgettable amazing photo shoot experience that propels them to rebook with us again and again! Our favorite words to hear: "I can't wait to shoot with Iconic Beauty Images again soon".